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About SEO Hub

The SEO Hub is here to give local small businesses the chance to benefit by taking advantage of the same SEO marketing techniques that large corporations use – techniques that usually come with a hefty price tag. But thanks to the fact that technology costs tend to come down over time, the days of paying premium prices are over.

We began as a web design company over 15 years ago. Always at the forefront of web marketing, we were able to be among the very first to offer services that are now commonplace. For example, as early as 1998, we offered our clients our own dedicted servers for their web sites. Long before the major web hosts like GoDaddy were able to, we provided our clients with a web editing suite that enabled them to take control of their web site content in real time, without ever having to know programming languages or coding techniques.

We’ve now pinpointed the crucial element for small, local businesses of every type to succeed in today’s extremely competitive web climate: affordable and effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While having your business rank on the first page of Google and others has always been important, its now absolutely essential.

The rules, trends, ethics and best practices of this type of marketing are too numerous to go into.  All companies will tell you basically what they will do for you. But with companies like Google cracking down on every aspect of dishonest marketing techniques, it’s even more important that we tell you this about us:

What The SEO Hub Will Not Do

We will not sell our services to any of your competitors in your region for as long as you are on one of our marketing plans.

We will not engage in any SEO marketing practices that raise red flags with search engines that, if discovered, could get your site banned, penalized, or sent down in the rankings.

We will not violate any specifically published and enforced rules of search engines or directories.

We will not employ any technique that could put your site or your business at risk.

We will not compromise your confidentiality or use any information you share with us for any purpose other than your marketing plan.

We will not make use of any potentially harmful techniques. New innovations are being released continually, but we will not employ any such techniques until they have been fully tested.